Love Over Fear Tour Part 2 - 2022

Tickets for Poland, Chez Paulette and St.Helens are not yet available, please be patient, we will give you the ticket links later in the year when they’re available, but in meantime you can save those dates in your diaries!

Dates for Canada and South America along with other festivals will be announced shortly.

England Saturday 19th March HRH Prog XII, Great Yarmouth, England
Scotland Saturday 2nd April Prog-In-The-Park 2.0, Dunfermline, Scotland
England Sunday 3rd April The Citadel, St Helens, England
England Monday 4th April Robin 2, Bilston, England
England Tuesday 5th April Trading Boundaries, East Sussex, England
England Wednesday 6th April Victoria Hall, Oundle, Northants, England
England Thursday 7th April Corporation, Sheffield, England
England Friday 8th April 229, London, England
Wales Saturday 9th April Winters End, Chepstow, Wales
England Sunday 10th April The Exeter Phoenix, Exeter, England
USA Monday 2nd – Saturday 7th May Cruise to the Edge, USA
NL Wednesday 11th May Hedon, Zwolle, NL
DK Thursday 12th May Viften, Copenhagen, DK
SW Friday 13th May Bryggarsalen, Stockholm, SW
NO Saturday 14th May Bread & Circus, Oslo, NO
Sweden Sunday 15th May Musikens Hus, Gothenburg, SW
Germany Monday 16th May Bahnhof Pauli, Hamburg, DE
Germany Tuesday 17th May Meisenfrei, Bremmen, DE
Poland Wednesday 18th May CK Zamek, Poznan, PL
Poland Thursday 19th May Remont, Warsaw, PL
Poland Friday 20th May CK Wiatrak, Zabrze, PL
Austria Saturday 21st May Reigen, Vienna, AT
Italy Sunday 22nd May Il Giardino, Verona, IT
France Monday 23rd May CCO, Lyon, FR
Spain Tuesday 24th May Bikini, Barcelona, ES
Spain Wednesday 25th May Copernico, Madrid, ES
France Thursday 26th May Rock School Barbey, Bordeaux, FR
France Friday 27th May Chez Paulette, Pagney-Derriere-Barine, FR
Netherlands Saturday 28th May Boerderij, Zoetermeer, NL
Germany Sunday 29th May Centrum Altenburg, Oberhausen, DE